Hirers’ Information

Once we have received your booking enquiry form we will send you a provisional cost, based on your information, with an agreement form for you to complete.

Information to support the completion of this form can be found here;

Box Office and Dynamic Pricing Information

Terms & Conditions

We have now created a new online agreement form and the Terms & Conditions are now included in the same document. This agreement form will be sent to you once a provisional booking has been completed.

Cancellation Policy

Ticket Cancellation Policy

Technical Specification with Health & Safety

A copy of our technical equipment at the theatre, for you to share with your company. Please note that this has recently been updated and so please ensure you speak to the theatre before hand.

Technical Specifications 2022

Event Risk Assessment March 2022

Fire Evacuation Plan Feb 2022

Safe Use of Pyrotechnics SSOW & RA June 22

You must also comply with the requirements of Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (and all future amendments thereto), in particular (but without limitation) the need to provide confirmation that all equipment used for the Event complies in all respects with required Codes of Practice (for example, that all electrical items have current PAT testing certificates, hazardous substances have appropriate COSHH documentation). Any electrical equipment brought into the Theatre must be set up by a competent person and the equipment is the responsibility of that person or their authorised representative.

The Company will ensure that all of their staff and contractors have read the Health and Safety Statement. The Company must comply with the Health and Safety regulations of the Theatre. The Company must ensure that their employees and contractors are familiar with the Theatre’s evacuation procedures and location of extinguishers and alarms.
a) Do not obstruct fire exits or access to firefighting equipment and ensure that you know how to use the equipment. Do not wedge open fire check doors.

b) Make sure you know the evacuation procedure in case of fire and all means of escape from the building. It is the company’s responsibility to contact the theatre prior to the hiring to be shown the position of the emergency exits and the fire extinguisher.

c) Make sure you know the person responsible for the first aid equipment and where the equipment is kept. Accidents, no matter how small, must be reported to the Theatre manager for the appropriate entry to be made in the Accident Book and a report sent to our Safety Officer.

d) Report any dangerous conditions to the Theatre staff.

Smoking is banned throughout the entire building, including e-cigarettes and vaping.

PRS Information

If a PRS form is required to be completed, you can download these here to be completed and returned to the theatre.

PRS Form for Plays, Popular & Variety

PRS Form for Live Music Only

Marketing & Publicity

Included in your booking is inclusion on the theatre’s website and social media pages. We ask that companies supply an image to be used (landscape & portrait orientation) and a blurb about your show or event. However, we do ask companies to provide printed materials for their show/event and deliver these to the theatre.

We would ask that all companies include the theatre’s logo on their printed material and this can be downloaded here. We would also suggest that a QR code is printed directly onto your posters that will link directly to your ticket sales. (This will be supplied by the theatre once your tickets have gone on sale.)

We would suggest the following quantities of printed media in portrait orientation.

B2 x 10 – These will be placed in the North Somerset Council Boards around Weston-super-Mare & Clevedon.

A3 x 5 – These will be displayed in our foyer notice boards.

A4 x 25 – These will be displayed in our Weston-super-Mare Town Council Noticeboards around the town as well as outside, within the theatre, within Weston Museum and our other sister sites.

A5 x min. 100 – Flyers: these will be used mainly within the theatre foyer, but we also exit flyer with these at the end of shows and distribute some to Weston Museum for display in Clara’s Café.

If you have any concerns or would like to talk more about advertising your event please do speak to us.

Weston-super-Mare Town Council Policies

As the theatre is owned and managed by Weston-super-Mare Town Council, this is a link to the policies that the theatre abides by: Weston-super-Mare Town Council Policies

Please complete and return your agreement to the theatre within 14 days of receivership, with any further documentation and payments required.

Once your agreement has been received we will endeavour to confirm your agreement within 7 days and send you confirmation of your booking.

If you require any help during this period, please contact our friendly staff on 01934 645493 or blakehay@wsm-tc.gov.uk.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Blakehay Theatre.

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