Hirers’ Information

Our downloadable document with everything you need to know about hiring the theatre (including Technical Specifications) is available here Blakehay Hire Document – April 2023

Technical Specification with Health & Safety

A copy of our technical equipment at the theatre, is included in our downloadable Hire Document above. Please note that this has recently been updated and so please ensure you speak to the theatre beforehand.

It is highly recommended that a site visit is arranged before confirming your agreement.

The company must provide the Theatre with a rider detailing full details of scenery, lighting, sound and all technical requirements relating to the production no later than two weeks prior to the ‘get-in’ date.

The company must arrange a production meeting either in person or by phone with our technical manager no later than two weeks prior to the ‘get-in’ date, the meeting must be held within 7 days of the ‘get-in’ date.

All items listed in our technical specification subject to change at anytime and the Theatre reserves the right to change these specifications without notification. Any additional equipment required by the Company in excess of that available at the Theatre must be provided by the Company at its own expense.

Use and/or management of the Theatre’s own lighting and sound facilities shall be only by specific arrangement with the Theatre.
The Company shall, for the duration of the production, be responsible for all scenery, properties, (including costumes, band parts and instruments etc), effects and equipment brought into the theatre premises in connection with the production.

On or before get out, the company shall be fully responsible for the removal of all scenery, properties, effects and equipment brought onto the Theatre premises in connection with the production, failing which same shall be dealt with by the Theatre at its sole discretion.

The Company will ensure that all of their staff and contractors have read the Health and Safety Statement. The Company must comply with the Health and Safety regulations of the Theatre. The Company must ensure that their employees and contractors are familiar with the Theatre’s evacuation procedures and location of extinguishers and alarms.

PRS Information

If a PRS form is required to be completed, you can download these here to be completed and returned to the theatre.

Marketing & Promotion

*All events will be added to our dedicated Website
*An event will be created for our Facebook Page and we will ask you to co-host this event through Facebook.
*An event will be created and submitted to the official Visit Weston-super-Mare website
*4 social media posts; e.g. on sale announcement, 4-6 weeks before, 1 week to go, day before. (Dependant on your audience target this may be over our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feeds after discussions with our Marketing officer).
*Printed publicity must be provided by the company to the Marketing officer at the theatre jasmine.ryle@wsm-tc.gov.uk at least 8 weeks before the event to ensure that this can be distributed and displayed.

The Theatre logo must be included on all printed publicity, and this can be downloaded here. We would also suggest that a QR code is printed directly onto your posters that will link directly to your ticket sales. (This will be supplied by the theatre once your tickets have gone on sale.)

For suggested quantities and sizes of printed publicity required, please download our Hire Document.

If you have any concerns or would like to talk more about advertising your event please do contact our Marketing officer jasmine.ryle@wsm-tc.gov.uk.


Booking Enquiriesblakehay@wsm-tc.gov.uk
To book a Visitblakehay@wsm-tc.gov.uk
Marketing & Promotionjasmine.ryle@wsm-tc.gov.uk
Box Office (Ticket Sales) – 01934 645493 (option 2) – Weston Museum
Box Office Queriesblakehay@wsm-tc.gov.uk or 01934 645493 (option 1)
Invoicing & Payment – Weston-super-Mare Town Council Finance Department – finance@wsm-tc.gov.uk
Programming Enquiriessally.heath@wsm-tc.gov.uk



You may cancel your agreement up to 30 days before the agreement period, by giving us written notice of cancellation but any payments made to the theatre will not be refunded. Any less than 30 days’ written notice, the entire charge of the agreement will be expected to be paid to the theatre by the company. If ticket sales for public events have not been satisfactory, then at least 7 days’ notice will be required from the company to cancel all or part of an event and a fee will incur.


If we need to cancel your agreement for any of these reasons, we will explain the reasons to you and give you as much notice as is reasonably possible in the circumstances. We may cancel your agreement in circumstances where:
(a)you commit a material breach of these Terms and Conditions, or you commit anon-material breach and fail to remedy it within the time given in a notice from usspecifying the breach and requiring its remedy;
(b)We reasonably believe that you have misstated the nature of the Event on theagreement, or we reasonably consider that the Event is unseemly, undesirable orcarries an unacceptable risk of injury to participants;
(c)a Force Majeure Event occurs (a Force Majeure Event means where the Theatre becomes unavailable for a reason outside our control, for example: calamity;civil war; terrorism; fire; flood; earthquake; strikes or lockouts; withdrawal of consents or licenses; breakdown of machinery; failure of supply of electricity or gas; government restriction; act of God; necessary and unavoidable repairs or health or safety concerns);
(d) We require the Theatre during the agreement period in connection with Parliamentary or District Council elections, an occasion of national rejoicing or mourning or for a purpose which is of civic or national importance.
(e) There has been an incident in or around the vicinity of the theatre in which it is not safe to be able to open the theatre to public or the company. This can be during before or during the event and is totally at the Duty Manager’s discretion and will be final. This will be supported by the Theatre Manager.
(f) The agreement is for a fee from the theatre to the company and there are low ticket sales.
(g) The theatre needs to close due to a public health emergency


(a) for either of the reasons set out in clause (a) and (b) above, we will retain your Deposit and Charges.
(b) for either of the reasons set out in clause (c), (d) or (e) above, we will endeavor to postpone the event to a convenient date for all parties or refund any Deposit or Charges you have paid.
(c) the theatre will contact the company no later than 7 days before the agreement and the deposits paid will not be expected to be returned.
(d) The theatre will inform you at the earliest opportunity and arrange for the event to be postponed to a convenient date for both the theatre and at the company. If this is not possible, then all payments made will be returned to the company or theatre.

Weston-super-Mare Town Council Policies

As the theatre is owned and managed by Weston-super-Mare Town Council, this is a link to the policies that the theatre abides by:

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