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Theatre is a brilliant way to inspire long after the curtain has come down. Besides providing a great source of entertainment, it unlocks their imagination and fuels their curiosity and creativity.

In these challenging times, we want to keep the magic alive for families by bringing you lots of theatre-based fun to keep you entertained. In the coming weeks, we will be adding more content, so please share with your friends and follow along.

Dressing Room Mirros
Example of Model Shoe Box

Design Your Own ‘Model’ Box

Model boxes are used in theatre design to explain and show your ideas for how you want the stage to look for a performance. This design needs to be adapted as the show goes along in order to give the audience the feeling of where the story is happening. What does it feel like to be there?

A half term challenge!

We would like you to show us how you would design a model box to show your ideas for a favourite show. Maybe one you have been to at the theatre or one you would like to go to. When you have completed your box, please do send us a photograph that we can share on our Facebook page.
A shoe box is ideal to use for your box and then look around for scraps of paper, fabric, small boxes, string there might be items in your recycling box you can use anything that helps you create the scene you are imagining. Please include the name of your chosen show in your design.
The image we have included shows what a model box might look like! We have use crumpled paper for rocks and sweet wrappers for desert grasses. Here’s a video by Dramatize to help you create your Model box, if you feel like you need some guidance.

Have lots of fun making yours!

Colouring Pencils

Colour Me In

Download free colouring sheets

Royal Opera House

Royal Opera House

Head over to the Royal Opera House for lots of fun and activities

Rusty Adventures

Rusty’s Time Travelling Adventures

Not strictly Theatre but our sister venue Weston Museum has lots of activities

Every Home a Theatre

Every Home A Theatre

Get your whole household involved in some theatre-based fun and creative learning

Theatre Character Game

Can you spot the Theatre Character?

Play this online game with your family

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