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Thank you for choosing the Blakehay Theatre – we hope you will enjoy your visit!

Situated next to Grove Park, the Blakehay Theatre is an excellent place to visit during the day or evening to be entertained. The Blakehay is a community theatre in the centre of Weston-super-Mare. At all levels, the theatre aims to offer a high-quality, friendly and diverse arts experience to all its attendees and staff. The theatre operates as a live events venue, programming local and regional theatre, music and dance. If you would like to book the Blakehay for your event, please contact us for details.

The theatre is owned and run by Weston-super-Mare Town Council.

History of the Blakehay Theatre

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The Blakehay, built in 1850, was Weston-super-Mare’s first Baptist church and first public building.

In 1862 Hans Price, who became the town’s leading architect, was commissioned to adapt and enlarge the building. During the Second World War it was hit by incendiary bombs. After the war it was rebuilt inside the original Victorian shell. The name comes from “Black Hay”, a field that originally lay between the High Street and Wadham Street.

The building closed as a place of worship in 1985 and was saved from demolition and replacement with a block of flats in 1986 by the actions of Weston Civic Society until the town council purchased it in 2004.

It was converted into a venue for amateur and professional events and public meetings. The original 230 church seats were placed on a new raked platform and the old Baptistery turned into a stage. Other facilities in the building include upper studio, two dressing rooms and a cafe/bar area.

1850 – The Blakehay is built as Whadam Street baptist Church

1862 – The Blakehay is enlarged

1985 – The church closes as a place of worship and The Blakehay is named

2004 – Weston-super-Mare Town Council purchases the Blakehay Theatre